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  • What Scholarships are available to pledge my support?

    There are many scholarships available here at Xaverian that help ensure that our Clippers receive the stellar education that Xaverian affords. For a full detailing of each of these scholarships, please click here

    Available Scholarships:
    Brother Warren Abel, C.F.X Memorial Scholarship
    Class of 1964 Scholarship Fund
    Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund
    Class of 1966 Scholarship 
    Edmond Desiderio Scholarship
    Emma Daniels Music Scholarship
    Father's Dream Scholarship
    Gregory Habeeb 1967 Scholarship
    Howard G. Gelling Jr. Memorial
    John Buzzard '10 Memorial Scholarship
    John Devaney 1970 Memorial Scholarship Grant
    Joseph DiMartino Family Scholarship
    Richard M. Caggiano '94 Memorial Scholarship
    Stephen Conway Scholarship Fund
    Vivian Georges Memorial Scholarship Grant
    Bernard McQuillan Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Brian Hudec Scholarship Fund
    Christopher Hoban '80 Memorial Scholarship Grant
    Frank G. Mirabello Memorial Scholarship Fund
    J. Meric Pessagno Scholarship
    Kevin Murphy '07 Scholarship
    Kuhn Memorial Scholarship
    Leonora Scholarship Fund
    Loposky Family Scholarship
    Mullin Family Scholarship
    Nicholas Murli Scholarship Fund
    The Vito S. Gentile Memorial Scholarship
    Tommy Meo Memorial Scholarship Grant
    Track and Field Coaches Scholarship
    William Heinzerling Family Scholarship
    Cosmio Trsitani Scholarship
    Anthony Rich Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Anthony Coscia Scholarship
    Dennis O' Berg '91 Scholarship Fund
    James Quinn '95 Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Joseph Verde Scholarship
    Jude Safi '94 Scholarship Fund
    Patrick Sullivan '87 Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Philip Whitcome Family Scholarship
    Robert Tipaldi Scholarship Fund
    St. Michael's Scholarships
    Strange Family Scholarship
    XHS Alumni Assoc. Scholarship Grant

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Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.