Xaverian recognizes that concussions and head injuries are commonly reported injuries in children who participate in sports and recreational activities and can have serious consequences if not managed carefully. 因此, we are adopting the following policy to support the proper evaluation and management of head injuries.

脑震荡是一种轻微的脑外伤. A concussion occurs when normal brain functioning is disrupted by a blow or jolt to the head. 脑震荡的恢复情况各不相同. Avoiding re-injury and over-exertion until fully recovered are the cornerstones of proper concussion management.

While our coaching staff will exercise reasonable care to protect students, 头部受伤仍可能发生. 体育教师, 教练, 外围博彩平台护士, and other appropriate staff will receive training to recognize the signs, 症状, 行为与脑震荡相符. 任何有这些迹象的学生, 症状, or behaviors while participating in a school-sponsored class, 课外活动, or interscholastic athletic activity shall be removed from the game or activity and evaluated as soon as possible by an appropriate healthcare professional. The school nurse will notify the student’s parents or guardians and recommend appropriate monitoring to parents or guardians.

If a student sustains a concussion at a time other than when engaged in a school-sponsored activity, the school expects the parent/legal guardian to report the condition to the coach and the school nurse so that the school can support the appropriate management of the condition.
The student shall not return to school or activity until authorized to do so by an appropriate health care professional. Once authorized by an appropriate healthcare professional, the student must complete a “return to play” sequence of events. 恢复游戏协议如下:

Day 1 – Low impact, non-strenuous, light aerobic activity.
Day 2 – Higher impact, higher exertion, moderate aerobic activity. 没有阻力训练.
第三天-特定运动的非接触性活动. 低阻力重量训练与观察员.
Day 4 – Sport-specific activity, non-contact drills. Higher resistance weight training with a spotter.
Day 5 – Full contact training drills and intense aerobic activity.
Day 6 – Return to full activities with clearance from the Xaverian medical professionals.
泽维良的医疗专家团队, 包括外围博彩平台的护士, 体育教练, 现场医生, will make the final decision on return to activity, including physical education class and after-school sports. Any student who continues to have signs or 症状 upon return to activity must be removed from play and reevaluated by their health care provider.

校长, 和外围博彩平台医疗队商量过了, will develop regulations and protocols to guide the return to activity.

For more details regarding New York State's concussion protocol, click 在这里



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